21 Days to Bodacious Living

A Life-Changing Roadmap to Becoming Fierce, Bold and Free

  • Break free from the baggage that has you bound
  • Rid yourself of limiting thought patterns and negative beliefs
  • Live by your truths and separate from the status quo

Excellence. Admiration. Magnetism. – These are the three qualities at the foundation of 21 Days to Bodacious Living, and becoming fierce, bold and free will allow you to step into your true self and achieve them.

Soon, you’ll no longer have to ask for permission to make your mark on the world. You’ll just do it.

I’m not sure HOW you made it here today, but I can guess WHY.

Have you been feeling…

  • Bogged down by your kids, job, spouse or family?
  • Like you have no time to focus on yourself and don’t know where to begin?
  • Disconnected from your dreams and your greatest life?

I used to as well, but I want you to realize this is YOUR life. You get to make it whatever you want it to be, and nobody can stop it but YOU.



  • Removing the mask and rediscovering who you are.
  • Freeing your “fierce” and becoming unstoppable.
  • Manifesting your goals and desires.
  • Forgiving yourself for your past.

You’ll make more money, enjoy deeply rewarding relationships, develop an authentic attitude that everyone loves, live a life that’s true to you and so much more!

Your Internal Retreat

21 Days to Bodacious Living is about settling down and getting to who you are. Think of this program as a 3-week internal retreat. When you know who you are, you can step more boldly into the person you truly want to be, not the person people have told you to become.

You’ll Discover…

  • What your destiny truly is
  • What desires reside deep in your heart and mind
  • What needs to change to get you to the level you want in life

The discoveries of your internal retreat will have you walking boldly into your purpose!

It’s All About the Dream

Can you remember the last time you dreamed? 21 Days to Bodacious Living helps you reconnect with your deepest desires and feel empowered to:

  • Never let obligations and bills stop you from dreaming.
  • Stop going with the flow and start blazing trails.
  • Stick to your own powerful, personal manifesto.
The Inspiration Behind This Program

The Inspiration Behind This Program

I’m Linda Husser, and I made this program because I know how soul-crushing it can be when you’re not practicing your truth. After all, to live a life with meaning is our mission here on earth.

I didn’t become bodacious until later on in life, and I want you to understand no matter what anybody tells you, it is never too late to become bodacious. 

However, the truth is, until you start being intentional with your life, you are going to stay stagnant, stuck and mediocre. I believe that we were all destined to be magnificent — that we all came fully loaded with what it takes. Sometimes we just lose sight of it.

I understand how busy life can be, and that’s why I’ve created this roadmap that will help you tap into your bodaciousness. Though this program is optimal when completed in 21 days, I want you to complete it at a pace that makes sense for you, whether that means more or less than 21 days.

The only question that remains is…

Do you believe enough in you to say YES to you?

When you finish your 21 days, you will step boldly into your power; you won’t ask permission, you will be giving notice.


Everyone will see there’s something different about you. There will be this magnetism that surrounds you. Don’t be surprised if friends and family start to follow your lead.

You’ll feel more deeply satisfied with your relationships, finances, health, spirituality, romance and overall style of living.

You’ll use fear to drive you out of your comfort zone rather than keep you shackled to a false sense of security.

Ultimately, you’ll become the bodacious woman you were destined to be,



The key is to take action NOW. Your future is waiting…

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