Meet Linda

Linda Husser is the Bodacious Lifestyle Coach for mature, modern women who are seeking to redefine themselves, and move into the next chapter of their lives excited, empowered and enlightened! As she guides her clients through a journey of soul-searching and self-discovery, she helps them breakthrough their midlife funk empowering them to regret-proof their life and daringly take control of their own destinies. 

With Linda, a woman moves from settled to awakened. She moves from pretentious existing to purposeful living. She moves from stuck to breaking out of her rut.

On the cusp of her fiftieth birthday, Linda had an awakening of her own that completely redefined her as a woman. She knew that she wasn’t living life to her fullest potential, but was unsure how to find the significance she was craving. Life was passing her by and she could no longer ignore the inner whisper, “Is this it for me?”

So even though so many women after 50 start downshifting in life, there was something in her that craved acceleration. Having made beauty her business as a stylist for twenty-three years, she made a bold move to own a salon for the first time. Opening those doors also opened her mind and spirit to her desire for more. What she realized was that, for years, she’d been choosing the most traveled road for her life, as opposed to blazing her undiscovered trail.

Living differently began with telling the truth—first to herself and then to everyone else. She became willing to find power in her vulnerability and transparency about every hidden crevice of her life, from time spent in foster care to questioning the beauty of her dark skin to contracting herpes at forty years old. The woman who had spent years running from it all cleansed herself through writing, reflecting and deep-self work. And with that came fresh possibility for her life. Fearlessness and Freedom came along for the ride!

Linda is destined to support other women through similar breakthroughs in their own lives. You don’t have to feel invisible!  You don’t have to put expiration dates on your dreams. You are not too old and it is not too late to live the life that you REALLY want. Not the life you have settled for. It’s time to live your life by design and not by default.

With a potent prescription of courage and clarity, Linda helps them stop living life through the rear view mirror and, in turn, to walk in their potential and purpose.  

If you are ready to own the power of your truth— 

If you are ready to get your mojo back!

If you are ready to unearth the badass that you buried so long ago— 

Then you’ve met your coach.  And her name is Linda Husser.