Women’s History Month: Celebrating Mature Black Women

The month of march is recognized as Women’s History Month and is dedicated to the celebration of everyday women as well as women who made significant achievements in America. Black women continue to play a huge role in the shaping of America  and I am going to highlight some of their accomplishments.


In a man’s world, it is nice that we have a whole month to celebrate! With that being said, I want to shine the light on some notable mature women of substance and style who are still holding it down in a major way!


I have to start off with Cicely Tyson. At 95 years old she is still working and was recently seen in Tyler Perry’s Netflix movie A Fall From Grace. What is so amazing to me is that while most people her age are in nursing homes and suffering from dementia, she continues to live on her own and continue to work. She definitely defies the stereotypes that are often attributed to older people. May I get to live to be in my 90’s and be of sound mind!


Angela Bassett at 61 is a Vegan and looks great!! As the regal mother in Black Panther she lit up the screen with her beauty and acting chops. I was so happy that she won that role. I honestly feel that she has been underrated and should have the crossover appeal that Halle Berry enjoys. But more people know her now than ever because of the huge box office success as Black Panther along with the movement it created. Did you also get dressed up to see the movie? I sure did. I made my own leopard print outfit and rocked the theatre!


Who knew that Wendy Williams would go from trash talking D.J. to host of her very popular show? I still remember that controversial interview she had with Whitney Houston. It was even said that there was a hit out on her after that. But now she is the Queen of daytime tv and holding her own. While she and her husband are no longer together, she seems much happier now and no longer has to deny the rumors. It is hard living a lie and I am glad that she can now experience real joy.


Oprah Winfrey is a phenomenal woman. Not only does she have her own network, she has the school in South Africa for girls, Super Soul Sunday, O magazine and numerous philanthropic endeavors. I am so happy her network survived. I remember when she was having so many challenges. It just goes to show you that what is meant for you is going to succeed. Oprah never gave up! That is what I found so inspirational about her. She kept pushing forward and now the OWN network is thriving!!


Last but not least is Stacy Abrams. She almost won governor of Georgia! That is such encouraging news. It just goes to show you that the only limits we really have are those we put on ourselves. With Georgia’s deep racist past, it is still hard to believe that she almost flipped the state. But she did! Way to go Stacy! I love that she took the status quo by storm and blazed her own trail. That indeed is the ticket to success. 


Who do you think is a strong Black woman deserving of praise? There are so many and I am glad that we have so many to choose from. These are my sheros for this year and who knows who will be mine for 2021. I am just so excited that we have so many to choose from! Ain’t no stoppin us now. We on the move!!