Black Herstory Month

I am excited about Black HERstory month! Yup. I said it and you read correctly. It is a month that I reflect on all of the awesome contributions of Black women in history. It’s a man’s world and they have been able to frame the conversation for far too long.

Sometimes I ponder on who most I am like among the notable figures that we celebrate. There are days when I definitely see myself as an activist like Angela Davis. While some may say she was radical, I see her as a disrupter of the status quo. She was not content to sit idly by and go along with society at that time. She took a stand for what she believed in and that resonates with me. Even though that stand landed her in jail for 16 months, she was acquitted in a landmark trial. Are you willing to take a stand for something even if it might land you in jail?

Madam C.J. Walker was a bodacious business woman! She was a problem solver to the 12th power. She knew that Black women were obsessed with keeping their hair straight and were struggling to do so. That’s when she created the straightening comb along with her hair products and changed the game forever. But she didn’t stop there. By the time of her death in 1919, she could add philanthropist, political and social activist, wealthiest African-American businesswoman AND wealthiest SELF MADE woman in America to her list of accomplishments.

Maya Angelou is hands down one of my faves. Her story is so rich and shows the power of what can happen when we tap into our gifts and talents. As positive as she was, it is hard to fathom that she was raped as a child. Yet she went on to be a prolific poet, singer, memoirist and civil rights activist. Just goes to show you that while we can’t change circumstances, we can change our RESPONSE to what happens to us. We can take 100% responsibility for our lives. It is only then that we truly start to thrive and not just survive. Phenomenal Woman: Four Poems Celebrating Women is her masterpiece as far as I am concerned. Do you remember the words? I will just share a verse with you,”Now you understand just why my head is not bowed. I don’t shout or jump about or have to talk real loud.” I totally relate to this, because a whisper can be just as powerful as a roar…

Black women have always been strong! We had to be. Even when we weren’t we had to put on the mask of strength. I am so glad that we now live in a time where we can enjoy more self-care and it isn’t seen as selfish. It is so necessary to take time out to smell the roses and not just plant them! Enough of this pretending to be a Superwoman. Even Superman had cryptonite as his weakness.

Just like these fabulous women I have showcased in this newsletter, I feel that you have what it takes to be celebrated as well. But we don’t always believe that. Especially as we move up The Ladder of Life. As the Bodacious Lifestyle Coach, I am on a mission to help Black Women Over 50 realize that it’s not too late to reinvent themselves and get their mojo back! You have the spirit of Angela Davis, Maya Angelou and Madame C.J. Walker in you! Sometimes we get so caught up in life that we just forget who we are. I have been there but I fought my way back!!

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