Your Dreams Deserve to LIVE!

“Nobody grows old merely by living a number of years. We grow old by deserting our ideals. Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up ENTHUSIASM wrinkles the soul…”

What happened to your dreams?

Did you start believing the lie? You know the one. The one that has been going around  for a long, long, long, long time. It’s led too many people to live lives of quiet desperation and poisoned their possibilities. No one knows how this lie began. But today it ends. It has to end so that you can stop making excuses and start making moves towards your purpose and your passion, It has to end so that you can stop disrespecting your gifts and talents because you have been taking them for granted instead of using them to their fullest capacity, And it has to end so that you can step out of the shadows, stop playing small and stand in your phenomenal power!

So what is this lie that has caused so much pain and robbed so many of our  

potential? What could possibly have people living their lives in limbo and full of regret? Would you believe It’s the LIE that dreams have expiration dates! And too many of us truly believe this and have pulled the plug on our dreams.

 But I don’t care what anybody has told you! Or better yet , what YOU may have even told YOURSELF, I’m here to tell you that dreams don’t have expiration dates! And I can say this with so much conviction and certainty, because once upon a time, I too had kicked my dream to the curb. I didn’t mean too, I called myself putting it on the backburner, with all intentions of coming back to get it! Have ever put anything on the backburner? Do you STILL have some things on the backburner? No judgement! No condemnation! Just making sure I am not the only one.

 So I put my dreams on the backburner with all intentions of coming back and setting it off!  But guess what happened? I started playing Double Dutch with my dreams! Remember Double Dutch? How we would be “Getting ready to jump?”  That’s what we do to our dreams! We start to jump and then say, “ I’ll do it when the time is right. I will do it when my money’s right. I will do it when everything falls into place. I will do it when the stars align!

And before you know it, that roar that was your dream, that used to keep you up at night because you were too excited to go to sleep, turns into a whisper. And then one day that whisper has turned to silence. 

Not to worry! You can get that roar back!! Just follow the Triple A method:

  • Acknowledgement
  • Acceptance
  • Action   

You must acknowledge that you left your dream behind. So many of us don’t want to admit we gave up. This keeps us in dream purgatory. No one wants to be stuck there! Once you keep it real with yourself, you can move forward with a plan.

You must  accept that you and only you are the reason why your dreams didn’t come true. Living life through the rear view window keeps you mired in the past and making excuses instead of moves in the right direction.

You must take action on your dreams! What is it that you want to do? What is holding you back? Write down 10 things that could move you closer to your dream. Map out a plan that could have you back in the drivers’ seat to your dreams.

Follow the plan and watch your dreams start to take shape in no time at all!