Make Midlife Magic!

If you look at the media, movies and the messages that society continues to put forth, Midlife is basically the beginning of the end. The end of being sexy, vivacious, vibrant and being seen and heard. Slowly but surely, you will start to feel invisible and like you are losing your mojo. Let’s face it: youth wins and getting older loses. That’s the cold hard truth whether we want to deal with it or not. Don’t get me wrong. This isn’t my belief system at all. Not any more. But there was a time when I felt this way. Strongly. Because there really weren’t any mature women of substance and style that were seen as sex symbols and beauty queens. Maybe some celebrities. What about everyday women though? Women who didn’t have a full time chef, trainer, wardrobe stylist and all the other folks that help her stay at her best?

Look at the commercials on TV. If you see a mature woman featured, nine times out of 10 she is not a glamorous goddess. She will probably be in the kitchen amazed at how swiftly a paper towel wipes up a gooey mess, getting the kids in the latest mom van or totally excited at the latest and greatest mop in the whole wide world! I am not dissing women who live their lives like this. Just merely making the point that this isn’t what ALL women over 40 do. Heck, some of us aren’t even married with children. 

Where’s the TV commercial that is showing a mature woman of substance and style who is a fashion model, boss lady making moves or partying like it’s 1999 and sipping Cristal? That’s the commercial I want to see!! 

I want to see movies showing a woman who wakes up at fifty and finally makes the decision to go for her dreams even though her mother might think she has completely and utterly lost her mind.

 The story line would be that after 20 years of being a doctor, she confesses that she only did it because her parents said that’s the only way they would pay for college. But deep down inside she had always wanted to be an actress! Coming from highly educated parents, however, they let her know that actresses starve and it is rare that anyone ever makes it. And she would not sully the family name by being in the arts. Not on their watch.

 Yet our heroine goes on to not only be an actress, but an Academy Award winning actress! Then she wins an Emmy, a Golden Globe and SAG award as well. She sure proves her parents wrong and of course they now ask for front row tickets to all of her premieres and anything else going on in Hollywood. Often seen cozying up to all of the celebrities and talking about how proud they are of her and how they always knew she would become a big time star…

I encourage you to blaze your own path. March to your own drumbeat and rock your radiance! Don’t ask for permission. Give notice that a new sheriff is in town and you aren’t taking it anymore! You get to write the rules of your life. Pick up that pen and start writing……