Freedom is your Birthright!!

Freedom. What does it mean to you? It can be defined as the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. It also means absence of subjection to foreign
domination or despotic government. And of course the most famous definition of freedom is the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved. Without a doubt, freedom is a very powerful word.
And we can harness that power because we were born with it. Each and everyone of us has the ability to live life FREE.

So what happens to us? How do we veer so far off track? If freedom is in our DNA, how then do you explain living a life bound by baggage, grounded in guilt or shackled with shame?
WE Are all born free. It is a right and a privilege that can’t ever be taken away. But most of us squander it and end up living lives of regret and sorrow. Once our freedom disappears, fear
takes its place and all of our hopes and dreams become a thing of the past. We forget who we used to be.Remember when you were a child how free you were? And that towel you wrapped
around your neck was your cape? Did you think you could really fly like I did? I recall my mother telling me,”Now, Linda, that is a towel around your neck. And that’s all it is. A towel. It does not
have special powers and will not allow you to fly!” That’s freedom. When you are so at ease that you think a towel would give you wings is a beautiful thing.

What happened to that fierce fearlessness? I personally believe it vanished into thin air when you started caring about what other people thought about you. You started to censor yourself
and ask for permission instead of GIVE NOTICE! See, when you were a kid with the towel tied around your neck, you KNEW you were a Superhero. You didn’t ask anyone if they thought you
were. Because you didn’t care. It’s just that simple.

So how do you not give a hoot about what people think about you? Easy. Go back to what you stand for. What really matters to you. Keep your heart and mind focused on that, and you won’t have time to worry about what people say. You will be too busy focused on making your dreams come true to care about what people think about you. Also bear in mind that what people think about you is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! You can’t live your life trying to please everyone.

Please YOURSELF and live the life you desire and deserve!

I want you to close your eyes. Visualize that kid again whose soul was free and light shined bright. You had the heart of a lion! Can you feel the energy flowing through your body as you
recall how invincible you were? Now put your hand on your heart. That lion never left you. And if you listen very carefully, you can still hear him roar! He’s been waiting for you to realize you are
imperfectly perfect and that your mask only serves as a reminder of every trial, tribulation and tragedy of your life.

Remove the mask, restore your joy and reclaim your freedom!