It’s Your Duty To Be Free

It is your duty to be free because you were created to pursue your divine assignment and live your dreams! When you create the intention for this, the universe opens up and prepares you for freedom. The key is you have to understand that ATTENTION ENERGIZES and INTENTION TRANSFORMS. Your focus needs to be on acquiring your freedom and along the way you will become the person you were designed to be.

Keep in mind that freedom doesn’t have an expiration date!  But most of us are living our lives as if it DOES. Why DO we believe that? Where did this phenomenon come from? Society? Our peers? Our parents? Or just you? Just because life happens and you have to make adjustments doesn’t mean you can’t one day be free. Sometimes it is necessary to put your freedom on hold. But don’t just put it  on the shelf and forget to come back. Check in everyday on your freedom. Dust it off, polish it up and continue to visualize it coming true!

It’s when we kick our freedom to the curb because we believe it can’t happen for us that we start to have conflict and chaos in our lives. It is very difficult to continue to bury your hopes and dreams. Pretending that you are absolutely loving the life you are living can be soul crushing and debilitating. That is when some of us unfortunately begin to pacify ourselves with food, sex, drugs, alcohol and other vices. They help you cope with the fact that you are sitting in the bleachers of life instead of on the field playing full out.

Don’t stay permanently sidetracked by the lure of the “right now” money being a substitute for living a life of purpose and passion! Because if you are not careful, you will get so fired up by making bonuses and moving up at the job, that you start to feel like dreams are overrated and not worth the trouble of making them come true. I was caught up in this. I felt like I had “arrived” because I could take a vacation once a year, drive a fancy car, pay my bills and still have a couple of pennies to rub together before the end of the month rolled around. I was living the American Dream!

News Flash: The American Dream is actually a nightmare. We have been conditioned to go to school and get as much education as we can afford. Preferably in engineering, computer science or medicine. The good jobs! That way, you could make the top tier salary. You STILL won’t get paid what you are truly worth, but you COULD live in a cookie cutter neighborhood, in a cookie cutter house with cookie cutter kids.

I had been lulled into complacency because  it is not a BAD life making six figures as a hairstylist. But it wasn’t my BEST life! I wasn’t walking in my purpose, living up to my true potential nor doing a good job of burying my dream. Because dreams are resilient. Dreams don’t really die. Have you noticed that just because we stopped pursuing our dream, our dream didn’t stop pursuing us? It just hangs around. Not enough to get on your nerves. Just enough to be a nuisance. Tapping you on the shoulder or whispering in your ear, “Hey, Linda! Remember me? You put me on the shelf and said you’d come back and make me come true one day. Just a reminder that one day has now turned into a several years! Don’t leave me hanging buddy! We can do some great things together. We can change the world!” And yet, even with your dream PLEADING to be fulfilled, you walk away and settle for Plan B.

I wasn’t  living my dreams because when I was running towards the dream train, the doors slammed shut in my face and the train took off. Leaving me dazed and broken hearted on the platform. But instead of simply waiting on the next train, I turned around, head hung low, and shuffled out of the Dream Train Station. We have to understand that as we pursue our dreams there will be setbacks. There will be failures. There will be heartache. There will be pain. But it’s temporary. Nothing like the permanent pain of regret from giving up on your dreams.