Are you ready to stop using your age as the reason why you have given up on your dreams? Are you willing to stop pretending that all is well when you are living a life of regret? Can you see yourself actually becoming the person you know you were born to be?

Who is she? Unapologetically Black, Badass, Beautiful and over 50.

Marching to her own drumbeat and determined to defy aging and make midlife MAGIC! She is crushing the stigma of midlife crisis and walking boldly into midlife courage.


Today, you have found this page for a reason. Maybe you’re thinking that life is passing you by and your best years are behind you. Perhaps you have lost your mojo and feel invisible. Could it be you’re unfulfilled because life has become monotonous and you’re barely scratching the surface of your potential? Maybe it goes even deeper than that. Maybe you feel this soul- draining disconnection from your true purpose, perhaps accompanied by this heavy weight of the phrase “It’s too late,” pulling your mind down deeper and deeper, like a massive anchor into a dark, dark sea.

That was me. Dreading getting older, feeling washed up and living my life through the rear view mirror.

I was at the crossroads. Either allow society to convince me that I should be downshifting my life at this stage of the game or give myself permission to live a life on fire!!

I made the decision to no longer view getting older as the beginning of the END, but the beginning of ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES! I decided to no longer disrespect my gifts and talents, but use them to their fullest potential. I decided that as long as I was ALIVE, I was going to LIVE not just EXIST. I was done being stagnant. It was time to become spectacular!

Hi! I'm Linda

Hi! I'm Linda

My super power is arming mature women of style and substance with clarity, unlimited possibilities and the conviction to increase your appetite for awesomeness in your life. I am an author, speaker, soul motivator, spiritual appreciator and your hotshot cheerleader.

More about Linda

Reclaiming Your Birthright - Your Intuition

As a woman, you have this immeasurable, intangible gift called intuition. It is your personal GPS always there to guide you. Right now you’re not fully in tune with it.

But that doesn’t matter. No more rear-view living.

Today, you’re going to reconnect with the bodacious, feminine gift of intuition. This is your key to disrupt aging, and aging with grace and ease is your passport to beautiful, life-changing opportunities.

Always remember, it is your duty to live free. Not bound by societal norms or the status quo. What else could bring more satisfaction in life?

Today, I’m going to help you gain that ultimate satisfaction of freedom.

For a limited time, I’m giving you my “Bodacious Affirmations for Black Women Over 50” download, absolutely FREE.

In it, you’ll find the methods I’ve used to bring myself and my tribe of women to the bodacious level they’ve had in them all along.

You’ll learn how to:

  • No longer live in the past and focus only on your bodacious future
  • Stop disrespecting your gifts and talents
  • Move from mediocre to MAGNIFICENT
  • Give yourself permission to become the best version of yourself
  • Dare to dream again
  • And much more



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